Rules and Regs 2019

page updated 16 January 2019

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These rules and regulations must be agreed to if you or anyone on your submission wish to participate in the ride. Submission of your registration form is deemed to be acceptance of these Rules.


Riders under the age of 15 MUST be accompanied on the ride by, and be in the care of, a responsible adult rider AT ALL TIMES. This is NOT a beginner’s ride and can be challenging, so riders should be of above average ability.

This is a walking ride for all to enjoy, so please respect others and stay behind the trail ride boss AT ALL TIMES.


Dogs are NOT permitted in any circumstances on the ride or in the campground or anywhere near the horses. They are not welcome, so leave them at home.


No Alcohol permitted on the ride at any time. There will be a Bar available on Saturday night.

Deadline for booking – not applicable 2019 only

All riders and non riders must be booked and paid for fourteen (14) days before start of the ride. No late entries will be accepted and you will not be able to ride. All non-rider bookings for meals must be paid for before the closing date of fourteen (14) days before the ride also.
A late entry fee of $35 will be charged if booking is made after the 28th of February.


No refunds will be given within 48 hours before the start of the ride. The only exception to this is proof of hospitalisation.

Start time

Riders must be mounted and ready to ride by 8.30 am sharp on Saturday morning. No late starters! Riders will then be given a short briefing before the commencement of the ride. There will be no late starters, riders must not ride out of the group and may not start or finish on their own. Riders may not ride in front of the front Out Riders. There are to be no break out groups of riders.

Hazard Awareness

Riders need to be aware of the potential for natural and man-made hazards associated with tracks/trails through bushland, on public roads, or farm tracks etc, such as protruding or overhead limbs & branches, ground hazards loose rocks, sticks, limbs and fallen trees.

Riders need to be aware of the potential for domestic, feral or native animals to impact on the ride.

Auctions and private sales

No Hay or Horse to be auctioned for personal gain. The only auctions allowed will be where all the proceeds are donated to the charities supported by the Trail Ride. For private sales, paint on the rump of the horse.

Horse preparation

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that their horse’s feet are properly prepared, ie they must be shod (If the horse/s are long-term unshod they do not need to be shod, however responsibility lies with the rider/owner). The horse must be reasonably fit and ready to undertake a journey of this nature.

It is the responsibility of each rider (or their parent/guardian) to ensure that all equipment (e.g. saddlery, protective head equipment,) is in good order.

Use of yards

There are limited yards available on Saturday night, so be prepared to make your own arrangements.


No responsibility is taken by the Lions Club or the Trail Ride Committee for any lost, damaged or stolen gear or property – this is the individual rider’s or their guardian’s responsibility. The Lions Club and the Trail Ride Committee do not take any responsibility for any damage to any belongings, vehicles, trailers or floats of any rider or horse. It is the rider’s (or their guardian’s) responsibility to ensure that their horse is under control at all times.

It is the responsibility of each rider (or their parent/guardian) to ensure that all equipment (e.g. saddlery, protective head equipment,) is in good order.

Riders must ride in a responsible manner so as to not endanger themselves or other riders for instance maintain a safe distance from riders.


  • All riders, or their responsible guardian who is supervising them, must be familiar with their horse. No child on horse unless horse has been worked out. Horse must be worked two weeks before so Rider can have a comfortable ride.
  • Riders under 18 must wear an approved to Australian standards safety helmet. A rider under 18 without an approved helmet shall be deemed to not be participating in the ride. Riders OVER the age of 18 who choose not to wear an approved helmet are to ensure they have signed a waiver explicitly stating that they are aware of the risk involved.
  • No colts, stallions, rigs or kickers.
  • The committee will not provide transport for people except in an emergency. Each participant will be asked to wear a coloured wristband for the duration of the ride (both days). No waiver = no wristband = no participation.
  • Photos – You must have permission from the person concerned before you take the shot if you wish to take a photo of someone. You must also let them know what you are going to do with that photo.

Other questions? Check the FAQ Page.